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Privacy Policy

Mood Assessment Systems Australia Pty Ltd is a corporation registered in NSW, Australia. We also trade as Mood Assessment. Our primary focus is to make the Mood Assessment Program available which is hosted at https://map.moodassessment.com.au

  1. What is personal information?
  2. Definitions of ‘personal information’ differ around the world. In Australia, the collection, storage, use and disclosure of ‘personal information’ is regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (the “Act”). The definition of ‘personal information’ is extensive, but good examples would include your full name and your address.

    We abide by the Privacy Act 1988 ( https://www.legislation.gov.au/Series/C2004A03712 ) as well as the following Privacy Principles (referred to in the act) https://www.oaic.gov.au/privacy-law/privacy-act/australian-privacy-principles

  3. Why do we collect your personal information
  4. As part of our ongoing operational activities we collect personal information during the following activities

    • If you register as a clinician in order to provide your clients access to our programs (e.g. the MAP)
    • If you participate in any of our programs (e.g. the MAP)
    • If you provide your details for the purpose of further communication
    • If you connect with us via Social Media

  5. How do we collect your personal information?
  6. Directly via writing, phone, personal contact, websites or email.

  7. How do we use your personal information?
  8. Primarily for communication with you regarding activities or programs you have registered for or participated in. We may use your information in order to contact you for both general and specific reasons.

  9. How and when do we disclose your information?
  10. For operational reasons we may disclose your personal information with our third-party suppliers, contractors and collaborators.

  11. Security of your information
  12. We undertake security measures to protect your data from unauthorised access, misuse, and disclosure. Where appropriate - electronic communication is encrypted.

  13. Validity and quality of information
  14. We may take extra measures where appropriate to validate any information provided to us where that opportunity exists. This may include use of public Government databases - an example of which is AHPRA.gov.au which can be used to validate clinician information.

  15. Complaints
  16. If you have any issue with our policy or would like to make a complaint, please contact us at privacy@moodassessment.com.au. If you do not receive a response or are unhappy with our response - you can raise a complaint with https://www.oaic.gov.au - the Office of Australian Information Commissioner